In addition to the typical work of tax consultancy chambers (General Tax Consultancy) our Company has specialised particularly in the practical and significant area of turnover tax (VAT).

An additional area of emphasis is consultancy in the field of capital assets including and Inheritance and Gift Tax.

General Tax Consultancy

We are the right contact partner for you if you are seeking the typical services of a tax consultancy company.

In addition to

We provide you and your Company with comprehensive support in business and personal matters.

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Turnover Tax (VAT))

Particular important is attributed to turnover tax due to its great practical relevance. As soon as you become entrepreneurially active you have to address the following questions inter alia:

Almost Impenetrable lately is the procedure in the case of cross-border services.

VAT errors usually have far-reaching consequences; showing too low a rate of tax in your invoice or too high an input tax deduction leads to considerable back payment of tax if the incorrect VAT tax treatment is only discovered years later in a company audit.

In order to guard you from these VAT pitfalls we offer you the following services which go beyond the area generally covered:

Talk to us about your specific Vat consultation needs.

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Capital Assets

Since, as a consequence of intense competition, new and ever more complex capital investments are constantly coming onto the market the investor soon loses sight of the overall view. Lately, in relation to the question as to whether the investment is genuinely entitled to the label "tax-efficient", even a broker will find himself in difficulties due to the unclear legal situation. The same applies of course to tax inspectors who often wrongly refuse a tax advantage due to a lack of any particular knowledge of the market. Cases of contradictory Finance Court rulings are currently contributing to further uncertainty.

In order to invest successfully as a private person or as a broker to be able to recommend forms of investment you must be in a position to gauge for yourself whether a given capital investment is of advantage to you or your customers in real terms. We provide you with the necessary assistance in reaching your decision. In order to meet this task neutrality and independence are a basis prerequisite of our service.

In addition to comprehensive consultancy we naturally support you in ensuring your legal rights vis--vis the revenue authorities and Finance Courts. Below we would like to give you an overview of our special services in the field of capital assets:

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Inheritance and Gift Tax

Our Company is also by your side providing particular competence in the area of Inheritance and Gift Tax. This includes not only preparation of Inheritance and Gift Tax returns, but also directly in developing personally tailored inheritance plans to avoid Inheritance and Gift Tax.

In this context we calculate for you the inheritance-tax-relevant values of your real estate and company shares and together with you develop proposals for optimum inheritance provision including any cross-border issues.

Collaboration with our associate partners enables us in addition to ensure uncomplicated and timely implementation of contract design.

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